“PrEP providers are really supportive. They have tons of resources, whether you are dealing with emotional struggle or financial struggle, they are there for you.”

Your current healthcare provider can be a great resource in helping you get on PrEP. It can be reassuring to discuss the subject with someone who is already familiar with your health and personal circumstances.



It’s important to discuss PrEP with your healthcare provider before you begin using it. Things you might consider discussing include:

  • Do you feel comfortable talking with them about your sexual health?
  • Are they knowledgeable, willing and ready to support you being on PrEP?
  • How regularly will your provider want to test you for HIV? (Typically every three months)
  • Will you be tested for hepatitis? Can you be vaccinated, if needed?
  • What sexually transmitted infections should you be tested for, and how often?
  • Are your kidneys, bones, and liver healthy enough for you to start using PrEP? Click here for more information about PrEP side effects.

Should you find that your healthcare provider is unfamiliar with PrEP or uncomfortable prescribing it, we can get them the information they need. Call us at 1-844-367-7075 for more information.

There may also be reasons you would like to find a new healthcare provider. For example, you may not have an established healthcare provider, you might not feel comfortable discussing your sexual health with your current provider, or you might rather have a healthcare provider who has more experience with PrEP. To locate a PrEP-friendly provider in your area utilize the map below, download this list of Colorado providers, or call us at 1-844-367-7075.

When you find a potential provider, be sure to ask when scheduling an appointment if they take your insurance or participate in one of the manufacturer or state assistance programs.

If you are looking for a PrEP-friendly provider outside of Colorado, visit the National PrEP Provider Locator.